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Cancer Care

North Star Lodge

"Even though this was the toughest journey I've ever been on, having to battle triple negative breast cancer, I feel so grateful for all the staff at North Star Lodge"
- Christine James

Your kindness in supporting cancer care programs is deeply felt. Funds from community donors provide essential support to cancer patients during their treatment. In 2017, North Star Lodge served more than 3,600 patients. Several hundred patients were assisted with significant needs including transportation assistance for patients who must travel long distances for daily treatment, pharmacy assistance to help with large out-ofpocket expenses for chemotherapy, practical help to keep utilities on when income is lost due to a cancer diagnosis, the cost of medical equipment not covered by insurance, and counseling support for patients with distress.


Twenty-one patients were assisted with mammogram scholarships to ensure they received the diagnostic screenings they needed. The scholarships ensure that there is no financial barrier for those who are experiencing financial hardships in paying for their exams.