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Children's Health


"Thank you to Children's Village and everyone there who has gone above and beyond to help Alex, and for doing everything possible to make our sweet boy's life better. We will never forget you!"
- Martha, Alex Ponce's mother

Children's Village

Serving children's health care needs for more than 20 years...and growing! Built and sustained through community commitment and support, the Village continues to grow, providing services to more than 6,000 children each year in more than 30 medical specialty clinics. Every day there is a new family who is learning to live their lives with a child who has special needs... and because of you, Children's Village is there for them. Children's Village continues to be an innovative force in Central Washington.

The Parent to Parent program provides family support and social activities for children with special health care needs, serving 1,025 in 2017. Community education was provided to more than 800 people, sharing disability awareness information with community partners and agencies.

Building for the future - Children's Village is making a difference one child at a time and needs to continue to grow. As we look to the future and in order to respond to emerging needs and programs for children with special health care needs, our focus is on building an endowment. The funding will be used to provide ongoing financial support to sustain programs and services for children and their families for years to come.

"We need to continue to adapt to the changing needs of our community and fill the gaps in health care for children served at the Village; with your help we can make that happen"
- Erin Black, CEO,
The Memorial Foundation

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit


The gift of growing up. From updated equipment in Memorial's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) to early diagnosis and treatment of special needs, your support helps to ensure the more than 400 vulnerable babies served each year in the NICU reach their fullest potential. As Central Washington's only NICU, specialty care is available for at-risks infants. More than a third of those treated were not anticipated to need the extra care and skilled nursing available at Memorial. Your donations truly make a difference in these tiny lives.

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