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Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.

Compass Care

Charitable hospice programs

Support is there for patients and family caregivers struggling to cope with the uncertainties of an extended or terminal illness. With gifts like yours, community members who suffer from chronic and terminal illnesses are served through Virginia Mason Memorial's incredible Compass Care program. Compass Care covers a spectrum of services including:

  • Home Health - over 1,100+ served
  • Palliative Care - over 450 served
  • Home Hospice - over 660 served
  • Bereavement Services for Surviving Family Members - over 900 served
  • End-of-Life Services at Cottage in the Meadow - over 550 served

Compass Care's comprehensive programs give patients, family and health care providers more options for care and treatment.

To date more than 73,500 copies of Five Wishes, a living will formatted in an easyto-complete form, have been distributed throughout our area. All made possible through gifts from the community.

"I feel less alone with this program. I am an only child, so dealing with my mom's disease has been overwhelming, but you've been a tremendous helping 'friend'."
- a thankful daughter

Cottage in the Meadow

Changing the course of end-of-life care in our valley forever. In 2017, the expansion of Cottage in the Meadow was completed, expanding from 12 to 20 rooms to serve patients and their families at a time, providing the specialized and compassionate care needed at life's end. Through generous community support, the Compass Care Campaign to expand Cottage in the Meadow raised over $3.5 million for construction and over $500,000 each for program expansion and endowment. More than 560 patients were served in 2017.